Adult Learning at the Church of the River

Our promise to each other to seek the truth with love requires intention. We actively engage our minds and hearts through adult education programs to grow in spiritual maturity. For us faith is not a given but a process of growing our souls through discernment and engagement. Adult education programs provide the opportunity for life-long learning and connecting with others that provide the spiritual tools for a life of purpose and faith development.

Opportunity for adults to learn together within the church include:

Quest The Quest Group is finishing up the New Testament and will take another look at Revelation and a series of lectures associated with it. We will also be exploring some of the Gospels that didn't make the cut to be included in the Christian Bible such as the Gospel of Thomas and the infancy Gospels of Christ. Time, Location, and Contact: Sundays, 9:30 A.M.-10:15 A.M. through June 12, Beacon Room, Chuck Schulz